About Develer

We produce hardware and software to create exceptional products and to improve industrial processes.

80+ Employees

20+ Years of experience

300+ Projects implemented

100+ Clients

What we believe in

We are a company, but above all a group of people who share a great passion for new technologies and their applications.

We offer our clients effective and correct solutions, with the innovative drive and strong skills that distinguish us as even though we started off as a small enterprise we had great vision and enthusiasm.

We truly believe that technology can be used to improve people’s well-being. Whether it is to innovate industrial machinery, to create a medical device or an electric skateboard, we work to make it efficient, simple and safe for users.

The environment

A modular and multi-functional space, conceived as an ideal work environment for our software development and hardware design activities.

The Develer site has a surface area of 1300m² and can accommodate up to 130 Develerians.

The team

Develer is one large welcoming family, in which to work with people who share the same passion for technology and everything that revolves around it. A team consisting of hardware and software experts, who share an environment that is free and informal yet rigorous in methods and skills. All the Develerians are selected through precise technical tests and are constantly trained to offer you the most innovative technologies.

Luca Amirante Software developer
Elvis Angelaccio Software developer
Lucia Angelini Accounting
Diego De Angelis Software developerSoftware developer
Massimiliano Atzori Project manager
Lorenzo Baglioni Embedded designer
Giovanni Bajo CTO
Alessio Balbo Embedded designer
Matteo Baracani Tech Leader
Daniele Basile Embedded designer
Matteo Benci Helpdesk & Office Manager
Luca Bennati Software developer
Matteo Bertini Tech LeaderTech Leader
Cristian Bianchi Software developer
Luca Bonato Tech Leader
Gennaro Bosone Software developer
Giorgio Buffa Tech Leader
Francesco Cambi Software developer
Alessandro Cappellini Software developer
Marco Casavola Embedded designer
Maria Chiara Cecconi Software developer
Tommaso Cecinati Facility Officer
Giuseppe Chiarella Software developer
Fabrizio Chiovoloni AI Developer
Claudia Cimino People and Culture Specialist
Fabrizio Cirelli Software developer
Elia Condorelli Computer Vision Engineer
Daniele D’Orazio Tech Leader
Mirko Damiani Tech Leader
Marco Fais Software developer
Andrea Favilli Event attendant
Alessia FD Social media manager
Stefano Fedrigo Software developer
Matteo Forni Product designer
Roberto Gianassi Software developer
Alessandro Giannini Project manager
Pietro Lorefice Tech Leader
Daniele Maccioni Developer & Scrum master
Alessandro Mamusa Software developer
Lorenzo Mancini Product manager
Pietro Mantovani Digital marketing manager
Giorgio Marcias Software developer
Lorenzo Masini Software developer
Marco Meloni Embedded developer
Nilson Felipe Matos Mendes Software developer
Domenico Miranda Embedded developerSoftware developer
David Mugnai Tech Leader
Lorenzo Nannotti Software developerSoftware developer
Luca Ottaviano Tech Leader
Julia Margaret Pagliuca Graphic designer
Luigi Pizzitola Software developer
Alessandro Polidori Computer Vision Engineer
Aurélien Rainone Tech Leader
Giovan Battista Rolandi Embedded developer
Federico Della Rovere Software developer
Francesco Sacchi Embedded developer
Nadir Sampaoli Tech LeaderTech Leader
Lorenzo Savini Tech LeaderTech Leader
Lorenzo Sita Software developerSoftware developer
Daniele Tolomelli Software developerSoftware developer
Gianni Valdambrini Project manager
Gianni Valenti Tech Leader
Emilio Veloci Software developer
Salvatore Ventrone Software developer
Federico Versari Software developerSoftware developer
Ambra Verzucoli Office assistant
Lorenzo Villani Software developerSoftware developer
Tommaso Visconti Tech Leader
Andrea Zamperini Production planner
Simone Zinanni CEO

The group

Logo Comelz

Develer is part of Comelz, an industrial group that designs and manufactures the world’s most technologically advanced leather and textile cutting machines. Develer is particularly proud to contribute to the group’s innovation by bringing its expertise in the field of electronic design and software development.


A number of clients

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