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C++ originated as a superset of C, but now has a multitude of code bases with huge spread and usage in Android, Mac or embedded devices.

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C++ is a system programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, who began working on it as early as 1979. 
C++ gives the developer complete control over the program’s memory and allows effortless interaction with operating system primitives.

Its approach is quite different from that of languages such as, for instance, Python or Go, which focus more on developer productivity, at the expense of performance and memory control.
In broad terms, we can say that C++ is a general purpose language characterized by wide versatility and suitable for multiple uses.
Its use is almost mandatory for making embedded systems with stringent memory requirements or for making UIs with Qt, a library that is also written in C++.

In addition, the language is very useful for building libraries that need to be interfaced with hardware.

Last but not least, you can use C++ if you have a project that is already written in this language and you just need to carry it forward.

C++ advantages

Applicazione embedded

Embedded Applications

Maximum performance out of the available hardware compared to other languages.

Applicazioni Qt

Qt Applications

It is the preferred language for writing Qt-based applications.

Librerie Webassembly

WebAssembly Libraries

It is easy to create extremely high performance WebAssembly libraries for rich web applications.

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Why you should choose Develer

  • If you have an existing C project and need to switch to C++, Develer has an in-depth knowledge of this language and its peculiarities. 
  • Develer knows the best architectures and tools to get maximum performance from your project.
  • Develer can make you autonomous in the development of your product, supporting your developers with a training and technology transfer team.
  • Develer can develop custom hardware and provide you with C++ libraries to be used in your application.
  • Develer can develop high-performance web applications

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