Hardware design

Our electronic design activity joins that of software development, to offer complete solutions to our clients.

Electronic design

We design hardware for a wide range of embedded systems: simple components based on a single 8-bit microprocessor, complex embedded systems with high-security requirements, 64-bit processors and a large number of I/O connections.

Design of microcontroller boards

We design, disassemble and build prototypes of microcontroller boards with PIC, AVR, Cortex-M, ARM architectures. We oversee every detail of the layout: power supplies, protections, digital and analogue I/O, controls, signals, buses. We verify the expected obsolescence of the components, and we make sure that it will be possible to produce the board for many years to come, if required. We take care of every type of test and certification required, with attention to climatic, mechanical and electromagnetic requirements. And if you also entrust us with production, the project will become even more convenient for you.
We are also a Microchip Design Partner.

Linux board design

We take care of all the steps for the creation of a customized Linux board: we choose together the best processor, the amount of RAM and NAND or eMMC, we oversee the integration of all the required peripherals and connectors; we respect all mechanical, thermal or electromagnetic constraints. We manage the routing part of the DDR with signal verification and power integrity. We perform Linux porting, write the necessary drivers and adapt the producers’ existing BSPs.

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Technologies we use:

  • Microcontrollers: NXP and Microchip (based on ARM) and others;
  • Microcontrollers: 8-bit/16-bit MCUs (ST, Microchip, NXP), 32-bit MCUs based on ARM Cortex (ST, NXP, TI, Atmel), and more;
  • Wireless Applications: Based on integrated Texas Instruments such as the RF Transceivers CC11XX (433/868/915 Mhz and 2.4Ghz), with HW and SW implementations;
  • Mixed-signal board design: diagrams, routing, simulations, multi-layered board design, also for high-frequency digital signals, integration and testing;
  • Firmware development on FPGA/CPLD: Intel and Xilinx devices;
  • Communication protocols: Ethernet, USB, I2S, I2C, SPI, UART;
  • Power electronics: AC/DC, DC/DC power supplies (boost, buck, etc.);
  • EMC and Security Certifications: (CE, FCC, TUV, UL, etc.);
  • Development Tools: Altium Design, Pspice, Matlab to others.

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