Not only is it “free” but it is the winning technological choice for your devices: extreme flexibility, scalability, speed and an endless quantity of drivers and professional libraries ready for use.

Linux, or more precisely GNU/Linux, is an operating system, that is the set of essential programs to make the computer work as well as doing something useful or fun for us. It is an alternative to Windows and MacOS, and can be installed in their place (or together, on the same computer).

More generally, Linux is the first representative of the so-called “free software”, in other words a software that is distributed with a licence that allows not only its use by anyone and in any circumstances but also editing, copying and analysis.

5 reasons to choose Linux

There are numerous advantages to choosing Linux for embedded applications:

  • Reliability: Linux is developed with an open model by thousands of programmers who check its quality and security every day
  • Scalability: Linux is extremely versatile as it is able to run in devices of all kinds, from embedded to multi-core servers
  • Dissemination: Millions of users are familiar with Linux and many applications are available
  • Low cost: without licence costs but only those related to integration, Linux is more affordable than many other real-time operating systems
    Customisation: Linux is easy to customise and to adapt to the needs of the project

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