Estimation and prediction system for earthquake damage

The request

The GEM Foundation is an association of public and private partners that guides the development and distribution of tools and resources all over the world for seismic risk assessment. Hundreds of organizations, professionals, and experts work together on global databases, methodologies, tools, and open-source software.

OpenQuake is a software that allows the estimation and prediction of economic and territorial damage caused by earthquakes in order to give indications on what the best actions could be to secure the areas at risk. OpenQuake is based on a historical database of urban data, building age, historical earthquakes, and historical damage that occurred in the affected areas. The database is not a typical SQL, but a set of diverse documents to be filtered and categorized and loaded onto the real database of the software that is accessible for predictions.

GEM asked Develer to develop (together with their own team) specific filters to add area data to the OpenQuake database. Working on OpenQuake has allowed us to develop part of the predictive platform code, collaborating with other international teams that were already active on the project, working with a visual to integrate it within a very structured software and with the typical architecture of an open source project.

Challenges faced
Solutions implemented

  • Write software filters for importing diversified databases
  • Work on the project with an “open” approach
Develer’s contribution
  • Created software for data extraction from diverse documents
  • Classified information filtered for the OpenQuake standardized database
Advantages of our solution

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Advantages of our approach

The type of project, distributed and based on open architecture, has allowed us to work easily with the Agile approach without any structural obstacle, making us highly productive from day one of development.

Advantages of open source


Earthquake prediction software producer


“The real challenge of the project was to be integrated with the teams that were distributed all over the world, working on an already structured and very complex software with a diverse project staff composed of seismologists, researchers and local experts, as well as programmers.”

Lorenzo Mancini Software developer @Develer