Robotic preparator for laboratory analysis

Brio robotic preparator

The request

The request was to completely redesign the electronics and the firmware of an already existing instrument, the SEAC preparator, Brio.

The preparator in question is a medical machine containing a large number of drives and motors (DC and stepper) of varying outputs, heaters, solenoid valves, temperature acquisitions, pressures, positions, etc.

The existing electronics used components that are starting to become obsolete. Even the firmware, although very polished, having been written in assembly language was difficult to maintain after many years.

Other objectives were the reduction of the space occupied by the electronics, its power dissipation, and its cost.

Challenges faced
Solutions implemented

  • Redesign a laboratory instrument to update the electronics and reduce dissipation and costs
  • Implement firmware with real-time guarantees
  • Produce some pieces
Develer’s contribution
  • Electrical diagrams, master PCB
  • Testing, prototype construction
  • Real-time embedded C code
  • Documentation for production and testing
  • Performance exceeding expectations
  • Extremely configurable and flexible firmware
  • Low production costs
Advantages of our solution

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Advantages of our approach

The transparency of the project development and the ability for the client to monitor the progress of the project in real time has allowed a process of “continuous integration”, during which every modification could be seen and tested by the client in real time on their testing device in their location.

Advantages of open source

The firmware of the instrument is based on BeRTOS, our real-time open-source operating system, which has saved us time having a considerable number of ready-made device drivers already available (stepper motors, PT100 temperature sensors, PID controllers, etc.).


“It was a great project where I was able to follow the whole development cycle, from the circuit diagram to the firmware… very exciting!”

Daniele Basile Progettista elettronico