Linux embedded course

What is Linux Embedded?

Linux Embedded is a type of Linux operating system/kernel that is designed to be installed and used within embedded devices and appliances.

Course goals

The course aims to provide the necessary basic skills for the development of drivers and applications in Linux environment for embedded systems. For examples and exercises will be used the EVA01 Develer evaluation board

Some of covered topics

  • Brief introduction to Linux
  • User-space versus kernel-space
  • Comparison between Barebox and U-Boot
  • Device drivers
  • Linux real-time
  • Linux filesystem management
  • Linux build systems
  • Debugging techniques
  • Posix applications development

Course details

  • 3 day-course from theory to practice with the EVA01 Develer evaluation board


  • Linux programming
  • C programming
  • Experience in development for microcontroller embedded systems

“I have attended a training course on Linux Embedded. Despite the vastness of the subject, the teacher has been able to organise and summarise the contents in an effective way, combining the clarity of the presentation with a remarkable readiness to answer the questions that have arisen.”

Gionatan Caradonna BioMérieux Italia S.p.A.