Go course

What is Go?

Go is an open source, general-purpose programming language developed by Google to create dependable and efficient software. Go it’s loosely based on the syntax of the C programming language, which would eliminate the “extraneous garbage” of languages such as C++. As a result, Go eschews many features of other modern languages, such as method and operator overloading, pointer arithmetic, and type inheritance.

Course goals

The course aims to introduce Go in order to speed up the learning of those who approach this framework for the first time for network development, command line or Linux embedded applications.

Some of covered topics

  • Introduction to Golang
  • Interfaces
  • Goroutine and cooperative scheduling model
  • Concurrency management
  • Echo-server HTTP and JSON development

Course details

  • 2 day-course, from theory to practice


  • At least 1 year in C or Python language programming