Go is an open source programming language, invented by Google in 2009, which simplifies the development of modern, maintainable and multi-platform code. Go is perfect to combine concurrency, safety, and efficiency of code.

Are you considering Go for your company needs?

If you want to get Go in your company, developers will be able to reach a high production level in a brief of time, by mean of the simplicity of the Go language. Keywords of this language are very few, just 25 (version 1.12), and it is possible to access wide support and documentation. Moreover, by mean of several available libraries, prototypes rich of functionalities can be build fast, exploiting modern technologies, which are able to integrate with existing programs. Developing Go code is very easy, with the help of several open source tools for developers, that are provided along with the language. They can be used to debug the software, obtain traces of execution in case of crashes, profiling both CPU and memory… and much more! The quality of the code is high, because writing tests and evaluating their coverage is very easy. Finally, you will be able to take advantage of the most recent multicore platforms, thanks to the Go’s model for concurrency programming.

3 reasons to choose Go:

  • Productivity: writing Go code is very fast and easy to learn, in addition to the availability of many libraries and clear documentation.
  • Performance: a program written in Go can have a comparable performance of a C++ written one, thus it is also suitable for embedded applications.
  • Multiplatform: Go supports Linux, Windows, and Mac, as well as several architectures including ARM, by cross compiling in an easy way, without installing complex development toolchains.

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