Collaboration with NextRoll

Software and microservices development for the AdRoll marketing platform.

Sviluppo software & microservizi
NextRoll request

AdRoll is a digital marketing and growth marketing platform that centralizes sophisticated audience targeting, cross-channel engagement, advanced measurement and attribution, all in one place. With over 60 billion bids of advertising auctions per day, each of which must be processed within 100 milliseconds, NextRoll faces both big data and real-time processing challenges. To overcome such challenges, NextRoll relies heavily on Amazon’s AWS platform, which provides it with a scalable cloud infrastructure distributed all over the world.

Always looking for developers capable of producing quality software, NextRoll asked and is asking us to contribute to the growth of their platform by the development of some of its services and the integration with the ones developed internally.

Challenges faced
Implemented solutions
  • Taking charge of some of their software/microservices
  • Designing and implementing new core services
  • Integrating with other internal teams by handling the time zone differences in the best way
  • Reducing costs associated with the use of AWS Amazon Services
What did Develer do?
  • Introduction of new procedures for deployment and services monitoring
  • Built core services independent of the rest of the company
  • Re-designing Big Data Analysis Software
  • Development of new features from the existing code by incremental refactoring
  • Great results in terms of reliability of managed services
  • Excellent ability to intervene on problems in production thanks to highly advanced infrastructure management tools
  • Excellent horizontal scalability and resilience by the extensive and targeted use of AWS solutions
Advantages introduced by our solutions

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How our methodology helped us

Thanks to our “deploy often” culture, attention to automated testing and shared ownership within the team, we won the challenge to integrate as the only fully remote team with a high-tech silicon valley company.

How open source helped the project

NextRoll has always used open source products and technologies like Python, Go, Docker and Postgres, just to name a few examples.

The client

NextRoll, a company founded as a Startup in 2007 in San Francisco, is now one of the world’s largest players in the marketing technology platform field. Since then, NextRoll has built and improved data, infrastructure, and machine learning that powers growth for thousands of companies worldwide.


“By seamlessly integrating with other AdRoll teams, Develer helped achieve key objectives by performing to the same expectations as full-time employees. Their strong onboarding methods, reliable deliverables, and commitment to the AdRoll vision continue to strengthen the relationship”

Patrick Mee EVP of Engineering @NextRoll