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React is a JavaScript library used to create User Interfaces (UI) for websites or web applications.

React statistiche

The world’s most widely used web frameworks among developers
(source Statista 2022)

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Developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) and released Open Source, React has become extremely popular for building complex, yet easy-to-maintain web apps. This is largely because it is thought of as a component library, which can be used to create the same feature in other web applications as well. Thus, complex user interfaces can be built with reusable and modular code.

This approach is not new, but thanks to the large community of developers behind it, React is a tool that performs remarkably well.

A major advantage is also given by the constraints it imposes on development, leading to greater control over complexity, greater scalability, and easier maintenance. This feature is particularly relevant when articulated interfaces are being developed.

Two alternatives are Vue.js and Angular.js, but React is simpler and has a faster learning curve than Angular.

React advantages


Large diffusion

React is developed by Meta Open Source. Operation is guaranteed by a huge support community (battlefield tested).


React provides reusable components that developers can reuse to create a new application.

Ridotta complessità

Reduced complexity

React facilitates the creation of maintainable and scalable GUIs.

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