React e React Native

React is a JavaScript library used to create UI for websites or web applications. Developed by Facebook, React has become extremely popular in creating complex but easily maintainable web apps.

From this positive experience, React Native was created in 2015, React’s “cousin”, designed for cross-platform mobile development and which inherits the development approach and experience from the latter.

Are you evaluating the use of React and React Native in the company?

Both React and React Native are technologies that make it possible to quickly create graphical interfaces through the creation of components. They are equipped with excellent tools that make it easier to debug and develop an application and pay particular attention to ease of code use and reuse.

3 reasons to choose React and React Native:

  • They are actively developed and have a strong community capable of creating many complementary tools
  • They are maintained and developed (mainly) by Facebook, which uses them for its own applications
  • They make the web and mobile development experience simpler and more consistent

Thanks to React and React Native we are able to offer you the following services:

Web application development
Mobile application development

Some projects developed using React and React Native: