Mobile application development

We develop Apps for every type of platform: iOS, Android and Cross-platform.

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Whether it’s creating a dashboard for displaying data from a business process or an application to control a device remotely, our service includes everything you need: the initial analysis and design, the interface design user, the development and maintenance of the application.

Implementation of full-stack applications (backend and frontend) on mobile

There are a variety of techniques for creating a modern full-stack mobile application, including backend and frontend. For the backend part, we can help you choose between a BaaS solution such as Parse, and a custom backend based instead on a PaaS like Heroku; for the frontend, instead, it is crucial to choose between a full-native approach or one based on the HTML5 stack that guarantees greater code portability. In any case, we will work with you to help you make the best choice early on, and then we’ll take care of development, testing and performance.

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Industrial software on HTML5 stacks

We use the HTML5 stack for the development of user interfaces for industrial applications, with remote user interface on tablets and smartphones, access ubiquity from all the company’s computers without installation, using powerful frameworks rich in libraries and functionalities. Our HTML5 softwares have the same richness of interaction compared to a native software, but they allow a much simpler deployment on any platform, and a more precise and customisable user interface.

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