Lilt Mobile Application

Creating an informative application for iOS and Android for breast cancer prevention

Lilt App medicale
The request

Lilt Firenze asked us to create an application for the main mobile platforms that would help women obtain secure and accurate information on one of the biggest problems that modern society faces: breast cancer.

Since the application was aimed at an audience without exceptional computer skills, the application needed to be user-friendly enough to display the information provided easily.

Challenges faced
Solutions implemented

  • Develop an interface accessible to people not necessarily familiar with PCs or similar devices
  • Implement an application for iOS and Android limiting the possible costs
Develer’s contribution
  • Created the mobile application and its content editor
  • Edited the app’s testing and publication phases
  • Great usability and online performance similar to native apps
  • Excellent flexibility in editing content
  • Outstanding maintainability
Advantages of our solution

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Advantages of our approach

Using React Native has allowed us to create an interface that has the native look and feel that users expect, even though we developed a large part of the application just once for this project. Using the most widespread testing tools allowed us to minimize production anomalies.

Advantages of open source

All of the technologies used within the project are open source, starting from the choice of React Native, to the various components of third parties integrated in order to create an application that really appeared along the lines of native ones, and to Electron, which was used to create an editor of the application contents. The project itself was then released under an open-source license and is available on GitHub.


“It was an exciting project for more than one reason: the technological challenge of creating a mobile application that would follow the Apple guidelines for iOS and the material design for Android combined with an extremely important public health concern.”

Gianni Valdambrini Project manager