Linky skateboard

Electric foldable skateboard

Linky skateboard
The request

The client is Linky Innovation, an Italian start-up specialising in the production of portable electronic vehicles for the last mile mobility sector. For their first product, the Linky electric skateboard, equipped with an innovative folding system, it was necessary to design the onboard skateboard firmware, the radio control firmware and the smartphone management app.

Challenges faced
Implemented solutions
Linky skateboard app
  • Firmware development on board the skateboard
  • Development of the control app for iOS
What did Develer do?
  • Study of the User Interface of the iOS app
  • Creation of the firmware of the various electronic boards of the skateboard
  • Mobile app in React Native
  • Bluetooth connectivity between skateboard, radio control and smartphone
  • Skateboard with precision control for the motor
  • Firmware upgradeable via smartphone app
Benefits introduced by our solutions

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How our methodology helped us

The development of the firmware was conducted with a view to portability, so that many parts could be used both on the skateboard and on the radio control, reducing development times. Also for the mobile app we have chosen to use portable technologies such as React Native, in order to simplify and speed up the port on different platforms.

How open source helped the project

Whenever possible, both in the firmware and in the app, open source libraries were used.

Protocols, algorithms and functions, even complex ones, have been developed quickly and at low cost, thanks to the use of widely tested software components already available in the panorama of open source solutions.

The client
Linky innovation logo

Linky Innovation aims to provide solutions to solve the last mile mobility issue


“Working on a start-up product was a very exciting activity. You can see the fruits of your work concretely and very quickly and you can see the satisfaction of the end users. “

Stefano Fedrigo Firmware developer @Develer