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Rust is a programming language that enables the creation of complex, highly secure and reliable systems.

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Developed by Mozilla Research, Rust mainly focuses on security and reliability.

To date, Rust is still a niche language, not used widely in industrial settings but offering significant benefits over more popular languages.

Differences from C and C++

Although we can place Rust in the family of C and C++, it has inherited a number of tools from more modern languages that help in programming-related tasks.
Moreover, Rust is a language which starts out already opinionated. This takes the burden of choice off the developer. The result is time-saving and increased productivity, because we can focus on the problem and not on the outline infrastructure.
And finally, “Make impossible states impossible”: the rich semantics of Rust allows to detect, code and handle a whole range of bugs before they occur.
The compiler is “developer-friendly”: it contextualises errors and performs an initial review of the code (along with Clippy, a tool performing higher-level checks). These features make Rust usable even by those with little experience in this language.

A final consideration: many open source communities develop tools to integrate C or C++ with Rust, making it almost easier to switch from C or C++ to Rust than from C to C++.

Differences from Go

Both Go (Golang) and Rust are designed to make safe code writing easy.
In Rust, the developer has complete control over the memory management. It is possible to see clearly in the code when data is released. In addition, memory management in Rust is known at compile time.
On the other hand, Go uses the concept of a garbage collector: data are not released immediately, but a background process releases them when the amount of allocated data reaches a specified value.
Go’s garbage collector is well optimised, but it is less predictable than Rust’s memory management.

Rust advantages


Fast and efficient in memory consumption.

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Modern language and tools for managing major development flows.

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allows multiple bugs to be eliminated already at compile time.

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Why you should choose Develer

  • We have been adopting this technology since the first release
  • We continues to organise RustLab, the international conference on Rust since 2019
  • We have carried out several projects in Rust
  • We can integrate projects already written in C or C++ or rewrite them completely in Rust
  • Our programmers are contributing to the Rust ecosystem

Rust at Develer events

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The Rust language conference, organized by Develer

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