AWS development and implementation services

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is one of the most comprehensive and popular cloud computing services in the world. Used in the development of a wide variety of applications, it is chosen for its characteristics of flexibility, scalability, security and reliability. Recently, the new AWS Europe – Milan region has been introduced, undoubtedly a benefit when deciding to use this platform.

  • AWS applications
  • Cloud services
  • Horizontal scalability to achieve high performance
  • Machine learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Big data
  • Serverless processing
  • Containers and microservices
  • Enterprise applications

Develer and AWS

Develer has always collaborated with clients, advising them independently in choosing the most suitable solutions for any project. Whether clients are already using AWS solutions, or considering this possibility, our experts have the experience to provide them with all the assistance they need to evaluate, implement and manage cloud infrastructures.

Services we can offer through AWS:

  • Consultancy and application development with AWS
  • AWS service integration and migration
  • Cloud automation
  • Cloud management
  • Managed services
  • Application support services
  • Operations and reports

What we like about AWS

With AWS we have all the services for our cloud application to hand: scaling, monitoring, error reporting, storage, etc.
It’s a big step forward compared to having on-premise servers: with just a few clicks we are able to repeatably organise complex infrastructures, to configure and scale them.
With AWS we can focus on feature development, while the platform manages machines.

Amazon AWS in Italy

An additional advantage, to be considered when choosing AWS cloud solutions, is the introduction of the new AWS Europe Milan region, which is added to the existing infrastructure in Europe. Now organisations, from start-ups to companies, including the public sector, have at their disposal – nationally – the infrastructures to exploit advanced technologies such as analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), databases and Internet of Things (IoT).

Amazon Web Services Costs

Although it is possible to obtain an initial and simplistic idea of the costs of AWS (Amazon also makes a pricing calculator available for a simulation), an evaluation of the costs of a platform of this type requires a highly in-depth analysis, which also takes into account the greater speed of development and the reduced need for personnel to manage operations, as well as greater flexibility in terms of scalability.

In many cases it is possible to drastically reduce the expense with adequate planning, even in the case of big data of considerable size, as we did for this application, where use of the spot market resulted in a very significant reduction in costs.

Looking for an Amazon AWS development partner?

“By seamlessly integrating with other AdRoll teams, Develer helped achieve key objectives by performing to the same expectations as full-time employees. Their strong onboarding methods, reliable deliverables, and commitment to the AdRoll vision continue to strengthen the relationship”

Patrick Mee
EVP of Engineering @AdRoll (NextRoll)

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