Collaborative Design Course for companies

This course introduces the main tools for tackling the development of a technological product. Starting from the typical phases of design-based planning, we will explore new approaches to collaborative development, examining real cases of projects for international companies where these methods have been effectively utilized.

  • Customizable Program
  • Flexible Deadlines
  • Certificate of Participation
  • In-person participation

What is Collaborative Design

Collaborative design is an approach to product, service, or solution development that actively involves all individuals who have an interest in the project and/or who can play a role in its success (stakeholders). Through collaboration, participants share knowledge, skills, resources, and responsibilities to generate ideas, develop concepts, solve problems, and make decisions, streamlining the entire process and significantly reducing costs compared to traditional design approaches.

Course Features

  • Language: Italian
  • Location: Your company, Develer

Skills You Will Gain

You will learn to make product decisions consciously, plan efficient project roadmaps, and avoid costly course changes.

Who this course is aimed at

The course is aimed at those roles within companies that play a decisive role in the ideation of a new product: R&D managers, product owners, product managers, project managers, customer experience managers, innovation managers, and digital transformation managers.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Common Mistakes in Product Development
  • Key Phases of Design: 3 Real Cases from International Companies
  • Practical Part with Workshops
  • Conclusions & Final Q/A

Interested in a Customized Course?

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Matteo Forni – Product Designer

A designer specialized in designing digital experiences. Between a design sprint and a collaborative design session, Matteo has applied design thinking methods and logic to numerous topics: from artificial intelligence to gaming, from mobile applications to embedded and IoT devices, wherever new technologies are creatively used.


Extremely interesting course with immediately appreciable practical implications. The techniques presented closely resemble my idea of an ideal process, so it was great to be able to give effective shape to my ideas.
Matteo Longato, Program Manager – Alpitronic

A very useful moment of sharing and reflection, which has opened windows on highly interesting scenarios and created practical insights and concrete applications. A very positive experience, thank you!
Francesca C., Production Manager – SPACE SPA


Is the course program customisable?

Yes, it is. Please fill in the request form with your needs. We will issue our best proposal for you accordingly.

What is the level of the course?

The level of the course is basic, but it can still be modified to fit your desired level.

Is the course available immediately?

The course is ready and can be provided according to the needs of the requesting company.

When is the next course scheduled?

We do not have set dates. Courses are scheduled according to your needs.

Is there a minimum number of attendees expected?

Since these courses are exclusively for companies, they are usually organised for at least two people.

Who can attend this course?

People from your company only can attend this course.