Qt Framework

It is undoubtedly the best framework in the world for creating user interfaces, both desktop and embedded (even multitouch!). Qt is a mature and powerful tool capable of offering a large number of ready-made solutions.

Imagine being able to reduce the quantity of C++ code in your applications by 50%, thus increasing your competitiveness by 50%. Imagine being able to write and use the same code for all platforms. Imagine how much time and money you can save by introducing Qt into your business.

Develer has certified qt specialists and is always up to date on new developments, therefore able to advise you on solutions that will bring substantial benefits, in the short and medium-long term.

Develer can help you choose the best licence for your needs and integrate Qt into your workflow, evaluating with you the applicability of the solution to your business products.

Our Qt certified developers run training courses and workshops both at Develer and at the customer’s premises. If you need information to speed up the start-up and migration phase to Qt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 reasons to choose Qt

Qt framework is a cross development platform that is successfully used in the automotive, medical and home automation sectors, among others, thanks to the many advantages it offers.

  • Qt allows the creation of modern and attractive user interfaces
  • Qt reduces costs and time-to-market: both for shorter development times and for modest requirements in terms of hardware applications
  • Qt offers a high level of control and the possibility of working with numerous existing libraries, thanks to the use of C++
  • Qt is particularly suitable for multi-platform applications
  • Qt 3D Studio simplifies the creation of GUIs with 3D graphics

We use Qt framework to offer these services:

Courses dedicated to Qt framework:

Qt Quick course
Qt Widgets course

Some projects developed using Qt Framework: