Migrating from Qt3 to Qt4

Migrating from Qt3 to Qt4 for Clarisys medical control software

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The request

Clarisys is an IT company, founded in Toulouse in 2002. It specializes in designing and implementing software solutions for medical labs. Present throughout France, its reputation is based on technological know-how and lab culture.

The company needed to bring software made with Qt version 3 to the new Qt4 platform to allow greater interoperability with the new operating systems and to allow a general improvement in performance.

The customer had already used PyQt3Support, a piece of software written by Develer to port Qt3 applications to Qt4, but in this case they needed special additions with specific functions and features for the control of their medical devices.

Challenges faced
Solutions implemented

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  • Port Clarisys software from Qt3 to Qt4
  • Improve performance
Develer’s Contribution
  • PyQt3Support features integration
  • Tuned and optimized Qt software
  • The software receives updates and runs on all of the latest platforms
  • Contributions made for Clarisys have been integrated into PyQt3Support
Advantages of our approach

PyQt3Support is an application written by the Develer staff for migrating Qt applications. The advantage for Clarisys to work with us was to have the creator of the PyQt3Support software to integrate all of the necessary features during the migration in a fast and effective way.

Advantages of open source development

All of the additions, modifications, and debugging made specifically for the Clarisys project have been released and integrated into PyQt3Support so that anyone can benefit directly from it from now on.



French software development company for medical analysis laboratories