3D scenario simulator

Simulation of the motion of a series of targets in 3D space

Simulazione scenario
The requirements

Our client needed a system capable of simulating the trajectory of any number of targets in three dimensional space and specifying different physical characteristics.

The ground, managed with OpenSceneGraph and OsgEarth, could be associated with various kinds of maps and could operate against online or offline data or a combination of the two.

Particularly challenging was the ability to communicate the positions of the various targets to another physical machine involved in the simulation at intervals of 1ms, via TCP/IP or UDP.


The design and creation of a complex system on a short deadline left little time to evaluate robust solutions that would provide the necessary flexibility.


The use of several high-level open source libraries enabled us to quickly produce a working solution and adapt it quickly to the client’s requests.

Advantages of our solution

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Advantages of our approach

Because the client had limited resources to dedicate to tracking the application, it was divided into a series of milestones and each of these was accompanied by a meeting to validate the work done and plan the next stage. Each milestone was driven by an agile methodology to track progress and coordinate the team. This permitted us to finish the project on time, to the satisfaction of our client.

Advantages of open source

Though the project was closed-source during its development, we made use of numerous open source products, from Qt and OsgEarth to OpenStreetMap. We were able to leverage these to create a functional, high performance application despite its complexity and our client’s time constraints.


“Creating a 3D Editor with the ability to visualize, in real-time, maps of the globe with dynamic level of detail, three dimensional models and overlaid custom maps was a challenge whose solution called for a combination of open source technologies that fully satisfied the client’s requirements for flexibility and visual appeal.”

Gianni Valdambrini Software developer @Develer