Safety key for off-road motorbikes

Automatic safety start-up and shutdown control device.

Betamotor chiave elettronica


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The project

Betamotor, a historic Tuscan company that manufactures off-road motorbikes (enduro, trial, etc.), asked us to collaborate on the design and subsequent production of a device covered by their patent.
The purpose of the device, in the form of an electronic key, is to cut off the power supply to the engine in the event of a fall by the motorcyclist, as well as to prevent uncontrolled starting: in fact, some models do not have keys and no battery on board, so they can be started simply by “pedalling”.

The requests

  • Base the design on existing patent
  • Low-cost impact on the bill of materials
  • No difference between the various motorcycle models

What Develer did

  • Carried on a functional analysis before starting with design
  • Used previous experience in automotive systems development
  • Contributed to mechanical design

Implemented solutions

  • Low energy consumption
  • Electromechanical safety
  • Product traceability

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Carrying out a first phase of functional analysis, based on the content of the patent, allowed us to reduce unexpected events during the design phase. In addition, several series of prototypes helped to refine the project objective, also working on the definition of the first versions of the mechanical casings. Finally, a predefined test plan based on all use cases has allowed the execution of an exhaustive test that does not allow for margins of error.


  • Low cost of the final solution
  • Compatibility with all models on the market
  • Battery life for years
  • Simplified wiring
  • Product traceability
  • Possible reprogramming after key loss


By entrusting Develer with the entire device, from its design, through production, to hardware support and maintenance, the customer gained a full guarantee from a single point of contact.