Software development with TypeScript

Microsoft TypeScript is used by our JavaScript developers for optimizing the development process, for complex projects, and for the obvious advantages that introducing this technology brings.

What TypeScript is

TypeScript is a typed superset of Javascript (i.e. a dialect that exposes more APIs than JavaScript itself) developed by Microsoft under the Apache 2.0 license.

It allows you to define the type of variables, function parameters and function return, greatly simplifying the development of complex web interfaces and understanding the code.

It’s used by companies like Slack, AirBnb, and Google. 58% of developers say they use it and will also use it for future projects (source).

What to use TypeScript for

TypeScript is an option to consider for many JavaScript applications of a certain complexity. While adding another layer, it leads to numerous advantages simplifying development and reducing the possibility of error.

What we like about TypeScript

TypeScript is very useful when we are developing applications with JavaScript, such as complex web interfaces, which may also make use of React Native or Electron.

It simplifies the life of developers, allowing them to define the type of variables, function parameters, and function returns.

It also reduces errors thanks to static type checking and its integration with Visual Studio Code.

Using a type system also benefits code readability, especially for applications made up of many modules.

Looking for TypeScript developers?

Services we can offer thanks to TypeScript:

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