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TypeScript is a typed superset of Javascript (i.e. a dialect that exposes more APIs than JavaScript itself), developed by Microsoft under the licence Apache 2.0.

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TypeScript was born out of the growing need for a frontend language for JavaScript application development. It is currently used by companies such as Slack, AirBnb and Google. 

58% of developers say that they use TypeScript and will use it also for future projects (source Stackoverflow).

As its name indicates, TypeScript is a typed language. Specifically, TypeScript allows type annotation, defining type of variables, parameters and return of functions, simplifying the development of complex web interfaces and code understanding.
In fact, using a type system makes the code more readable, especially in the case of multiple module applications while static type checking simplifies development and reduces the possibility of error.

TypeScript is also very useful when we are developing applications with JavaScript that may also use React Native or Electron. As a superset of this language, the JavaScript code will always be compatible with TypeScript syntax and semantics.

One last positive note: it is highly integrated with Visual Studio Code.

TypeScript advantages



A huge support community ensures smooth operation.

Icone Affidabilità


Types on variables, parameters, and function returns ensure that you are working with proper values.



The typing of external modules and libraries makes it easy to use.

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Why you should choose Develer

  • Develer uses Typescript to optimise the development processes
  • Develer has been using TypeScript since 2017
  • Develer has implemented many projects in a variety of fields
  • Develer manages international teams with different Time-zones
  • Develer is based in Italy, Europe
  • Develer uses Agile development processes


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