Printed circuit board design with Altium Designer

Altium Designer is an EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software for printed circuit board design.

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Altium Designer is an integrated tool, which allows you to cover all phases of printed circuit board processing, from schematic to PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout and documentation of design.

This integration is expressed through several features.

CAM Integration: First of all, in addition to being a CAD, thus a computer-aided design software, Altium Designer can integrate CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), which allows a direct interface with manufacturing machinery from the CAD design.

3D handling: Altium Designer can work with 3D views of the board or PCB, in order to facilitate design and integration of the mechanical and real-world side.

Cloud integration: Altium Designer can design, share and manufacture in a single environment, thanks to the centralised cloud storage of schematics and libraries and, recently, even the design history with tools such as Git and SVN.

In conclusion, Altium Designer is designed as a user friendly tool with a more modern and usable graphical interface than tools of the past such as some historical electronic development CADs.

Altium Designer benefits

Tool integrato

Integrated tool

A unified design environment to manage every aspect of the PCB design process, from schematic to PCB layout.

Tool 3D

3D Management

3D modeling is very useful for development. In particular, it checks that mechanical requirements are met in the IC.


Cloud-based and collaborative

Editing, commenting or reporting are possible without leaving the design environment, or through web browsers.

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