Altium chooses Develer as its partner for online courses

Electronic circuit design
Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

Altium, the well-known manufacturer of Altium Designer software, has chosen Develer as its partner for its online courses aimed at the Italian market.

After the success of the Develer workshops and webinars, we are happy to announce that our embedded designers Daniele Basile and Lorenzo Baglioni will now be teaching the “Altium Designer Essentials” and “Altium Designer Advanced” courses.

Altium Designer 20 is PCB design software that aims to create a unified design environment, enabling users to easily connect with every aspect of the PCB design process, from single circuit board to multi-board systems, from low frequency to high speed, from the logical design to the physical board, also including the bill of materials.

These courses, online and in Italian, provide a three-day full immersion with a dedicated teacher, to expand the knowledge of Altium Designer 20 and of schematic acquisition tools and PCB layout. The topics covered will allow participants to use more complex Altium Designer features, such as pin swapping and length adjustment. In addition to the lessons, the courses will include demonstrations and practical exercises, to explain and reinforce these advanced techniques.

Students who complete these courses will be able to use the more powerful features of Altium Designer to improve card layouts and dramatically reduce design time.

The Essential course is aimed at designers of all levels, who have no experience with Altium Designer, while the Advanced course is suitable for electronic designers who have experience with Altium Designer but need to expand their skills.

To register for the courses: