BeRTOS is an open source operating system created by Develer for real-time applications. BeRTOS allows a rapid embedded software development.


Why did we build BeRTOS?

We are in the late early 2000s and there are not many “ready-made” solutions for embedded systems available on the market. While collecting and reorganizing the material used for various projects, we decided to develop a custom product in-house. In this way we built BeRTOS, the real-time operating system for embedded, equipped with drivers and high-level and low-level libraries. 

BeRTOS allows the development of commercial applications without licensing fees or royalties. BeRTOS allows lowering the investment for the product realisation.

Thanks to its modular structure, its components can run on many different architectures, starting with Atmel AVRs up to the highest-performance Cortex-Ms.

We used BeRTOS in many of our projects. So, over time BeRTOS has grown and evolved, has been tested in different areas and with different customers, and has good support for modern processor families as well.

Here is the repository:

Fun fact: The name BeRTOS was given in honour of Bernardo Innocenti, founding partner of Develer together with Simone Zinanni.

The logo was chosen through a contest, with an internal company voting.

BerTOS advantages

OPen Source

Open Source

BeRTOS is free, with no royalty or licensing costs.



BeRTOS is not a monolithic software. In fact, it has more than 100 modules and drivers available.



BeRTOS is usable on many different architectures, from Atmel AVRs to Cortex-Ms.

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Why choose Develer?

  • We have many years of experience in the development and design of embedded systems.
  • We have built our own open source Real Time Operating System, BeRTOS, in-house.
  • We have been using a whole range of technologies – such as MBED (LINK) – for a long time to design custom embedded solutions.

Projects carried out with BeRTOS