Artificial vision solutions

We design custom systems for artificial vision speeding up your production processes and reducing errors and related costs.

Artificial vision solutions

Develer and machine vision technologies

Machine vision systems can be successfully used in the field of industrial automation, for quality control and in other phases of a production process.

The technologies that use Computer Vision are designed to detect defects, to improve product quality, to reduce production costs and to exceed customer expectations.

Develer develops custom hardware and software for Machine Vision systems for quality control, part positioning, industrial metrology and in other contexts.

Reduce defects

By the computer vision, you can check 100% of the products ensuring a flawless production.

Automate production

Machine vision increases efficiency, giving production equipment the ability to automatically locate and identify objects.

Increase workplace safety

Entrusting machines with visual inspection activities in environments that are dangerous for humans.

Improve quality

Spot quality checks are replaced by those over the entire production.

Trace and identify

Computer vision can be used to automate the traceability of parts and products with the ability to read all types of labels.

Cost reduction

Identifying defects in advance results in a significant reduction in costs.

The technologies we use

Framework for neural networks and Deep Learning

— PyTorch
— Keras
— TensorFlow
— Caffe
— Caffe2

AI accelerators and Inference Engines

— Nvidia Jetson series
— Google Coral Edge TPU
— Intel Myriad
— Intel FGPA AI

Computer Vision Libraries

— OpenCV
— Librerie ed algoritmi proprietari

Improve your products with machine vision.

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