FullHD Smart Digital Industrial Camera 5-18Mpixel Gigabit Network Linux

FullHD Smart Digital Industrial Camera
Example of DevelCam in metal case for industrial use

The DevelCam cameras are offered with color CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor with resolutions from 5 to 18 megapixels. These sensors allow high-speed frame rates at full resolution. The DevelCams feature partial scan for regions of interest and higher achievable frame rates.

DevelCam easy disposes of the common lens mount types M12, CS-mount and C-mount (with a special adapter). RJ45 connector, the standard Gigabit Ethernet connector, allows both image transfer and power supply (Power over Ethernet) over 100 meters.

DevelCam camera have also specific custom image processing functions, tailor-made on customer needs: they are free to decide on the optimal software and hardware configuration which really improves their specific application goal. Thus, there are virtually no limits to the advanced image processing capabilities of DevelCam.

Application scenarios

  • Alignment control
  • Surface/printing inspection
  • Edge/contour analysis
  • Bar Code/QR code recognition
  • Access control
  • Security encryption
  • Traffic control
  • Quality control/Measurement 
  • Robotics
  • 3D measurement
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Scientific applications

Camera customization

DevelCams are true “open design” cameras and can be fully customized to customer needs.
The CMOS sensor board can be re-designed in order to accommodate different image sensors.
Special hardware functions and interfaces can be easily added: external trigger, GPIOs, Wi-Fi, USB 3, PCI-express, HDMI, UART, SPI, I2C, RS-485, custom power supply, etc.

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Technical specifications

Pixel Size2.2 µm x 2.2 µm (BSI)1.25 µm x 1.25 µm A−PixHS BSI
Shutter TypeElectronic Rolling Shutter and Global Reset ReleaseElectronic Rolling Shutter and Global Reset Release
Sensor Max fps60 fps @ 5Mp120 fps @ FullHD, 15fps @ 18Mp
Temperature Range−30°C to +85°C−30°C to +70°C
ADC resolution12 bit, on chip12 bit, on chip
Lens mountM12, CS-mount, C-Mount
Data InterfaceGigabit Ethernet/1Gbps
CPUi.MX8M Dual / Quad core with GPU and Industrial Grade VPU
Clock Speed1.3GHz
Onboard RAMLPDDR4, up to 4GB
Mass storageonboard eMMC 5.0, minimum 4GB
Operating SystemCustomized embedded Linux
Power SupplyPoE standard IEEE 802.3af
Power consumption8W max

Onboard image processing

The DevelCam operating system is fully customizable in order to have specific image processing functions. Develer offers both know-how in vision technologies and an extensive portfolio.

Among others, the following typical classes of image processing tasks are available:

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