nubila IoT connector

nubila is a cloud connector designed for industrial Internet of Things applications.

Cruscotto nubila
The module

nubila module is an OEM device (SoM), designed to be integrated on your board.


nubila supplies secure mobile (GPRS/UMTS) connectivity to your devices.


nubila cloud is a platform used to store and analyse data gathered from your devices.

What is Nubila?

nubila is an Internet of Things cloud connector for industrial applications. It creates networks of embedded devices that communicate with each other, interacts over the internet and store data on the cloud, without worrying about mobile connectivity.

Nubila module is an OEM device which can be optionally integrated on your board. It integrates a microprocessor, a GPRS/EDGE/UMTS modem, a GPS receiver, and a dedicated Nubila SIM. It has low-power requirements and industrial-grade certifications, ready to be used in your extended temperature range embedded applications.

Nubila optionally provides a SIM with international coverage which securely tunnels your devices directly to our cloud platform. The connectivity can be activated and deactivated online through the platform and its cost is included in the nubila subscription. A free tier is also provided for developing purposes.


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