Firmware for Audio Amplifier

Development of control firmware for high-power audio amplifiers

Firmware for Audio Amplifier
The request

To develop the firmware for a range of high-efficiency audio power amplifiers for use in professional environments.

Starting from minimal requirements, a rich set of control and management features was gradually implemented. 

The work was carried out over a long period during which users were able to influence the development of the platform. Our code needed to stay flexible and maintainable in order to meet the requirements of the product’s demanding professional users.

Challenges faced

Limited RAM and storage.

Solutions implemented

Disciplined programming with special attention paid to resource usage.

The requirements
  • Develop firmware for a power audio amplifier for use by professionals
  • Manage numerous models in the product range
  • Management of presets and hardware activation
  • Control of DSP
Develer’s contribution
  • Embedded real-time code (C)
  • Implementation of DSP algorithms
  • User interface
  • Modular and flexible firmware usable on diverse hardware models
  • Fast and responsive user interface
  • Robust and maintainable source code
Advantages of our solution

Usability: the amplifier was designed for intense use in professional environments over long work sessions and a focus was placed on human interaction and usability to maximize productivity.

Flexibility: with a single unified firmware we supported multiple revisions of the amplifier, even with radical changes to the underlying hardware.

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Advantages of our methodology

We worked very closely with the client every step of the way, advising them on critical decisions throughout the entire development cycle: this let us quickly respond to the requirements of users in the market.

Advantages of open source

The firmware was based on BeRTOS, our real-time operating system which is open source and enabled the success of the project. The final product incorporates numerous open source libraries for a variety of functions: file systems, cryptography, Ethernet networking, etc.


“Our expertise in low-level embedded firmware was instrumental in the success of this project.”

Francesco Sacchi Embedded developer @Develer