Qt Widgets course for companies

The Qt Widgets course aims to introduce the Qt language specifically for beginners.
Qt Widgets is an application framework designed to help developers in creating classic desktop-style user interfaces. 
Qt is a mature and powerful tool that offers a plethora of ready-to-use solutions ensuring written code portability across both desktop and embedded platforms.

  • Customisable contents
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Online or in-person participation
Qt Widgets course, Develer headquarters

Course details

  • Languages: Italian, English
  • Location: Your company, Develer, online

Skills you will gain

At the end of the course you’ll be able to read and understand existing Qt code, write simple Qt programs and write complex Qt software in collaboration with more experienced developers.

Who this course is aimed at

This course is aimed at programmers who wish to learn Qt from scratch and have at least one year of experience in object-oriented programming (e.g., C++).

Some course topics

  • Introduction to Qt
  • QObject model
  • Qt events
  • QPainter
  • Qt containers
  • Debugging and profiling

Do you need a customised Qt course?

Let’s talk together to find the perfect course for your needs.


All the trainers are senior developers, experienced in education, who are actually using Qt on a daily basis for projects in many industrial sectors.


The course is delivered by knowledgeable and helpful staff, and tackles Qt starting from scratch on a number of different fronts. There are many topics covered, so the three days are very full and pace is intense. The overall experience is positive as it provides a very good foundation on this world and technically explains the workings behind it, and allows you to try your hand at programming in a very short time.
Edoardo Slaviero, Software Developer – MITEC Elettronica

I particularly enjoyed the in-depth level of topics and expert advice on certain technical issues.
Giovanni Cimmino, Software Developer – SEVIO


Is it possible to attend the course remotely?

Yes, it is possible to arrange and attend the course online.

Is the course program customisable?

Yes, it is. Please fill in the request form with your needs. We will issue our best proposal for you accordingly.

What is the level of the course?

The level of the course is basic, but it can still be modified to fit your desired level.

Is the course available immediately?

The course is ready and can be provided according to the needs of the requesting company.

When is the next course scheduled?

We do not have set dates. Courses are scheduled according to your needs.

Is there a minimum number of attendees expected?

Since these courses are exclusively for companies, they are usually organised for at least two people.

Who can attend this course?

People from your company only can attend this course.