Qt Quick course

What is Qt Quick?

Qt Quick is a set of technologies designed to help developers create intuitive, modern and fluid interfaces used in mobile and embedded devices. Part of Qt, Qt Quick leverages its great maturity and power to deliver high performances on a variety of platforms, desktops, and embedded devices.

Course goals

The course aims to introduce Qt Quick, in order to speed up the learning of those who approach this framework for the first time. At the end of the course you’ll be able to:

Some of covered topics

  • Introduction to Qt and Qt Quic
  • Qt Quick Controls 2
  • Debugging
  • QObject model
  • Signal/slot
  • Qml/C++ integration

Course details

  • 3 day-course, from theory to practice


  • At least 1 year in OOP language (e.g. C++ or Javascript)

“The course is delivered by knowledgeable and helpful staff, and tackles Qt Quick starting from scratch on a number of different fronts. There are many topics covered, so the three days are very full and pace is intense. The overall experience is positive as it provides a very good foundation on this world and technically explains the workings behind it, and allows you to try your hand at programming in a very short time.”

Edoardo Slaviero MITEC Elettronica S.R.L.