The 10 most recommended YouTube channels by programmers

10 canali Youtube per programmatori

Which YouTube channels do developers prefer, the ones that keep even those who work for hours and hours in front of a computer glued to the screen?

We asked our developers and came up with an interesting and fairly eclectic list.

In this article, we present the developer’s selection of YouTube channels with in-depth content, non-trivial topics, or tips that can be useful in the world of programming.

  1. Fireship: created by Jeff Delaney, offers new videos each week on languages, programs, and trends in the tech world that every programmer should know, all produced very well and seasoned with a good dose of humor. It also features a series of 100-second introductory videos on various fundamental topics (#100SecondsOfCode).
  2. Keep Productive: This channel aims to make productivity software easier to understand and showcases extremely useful tools even for those who are not necessarily developers. These include various integrations between chat, calendars, to-do lists, stand-up meetings, and other key features.
  3. The series ‘Compressor Head‘ on the Google for Developers channel is very interesting because it explains the theory and practice of data compression algorithms from scratch and in a very clear manner.
  4. Jeff Geerling is an author, developer, and content creator. With a strong commitment to open source, his channel covers a wide range of tech topics, showcasing a variety of activities in his videos, from building hardware solutions with Raspberry Pis to automating tasks in everyday life.
  5. apalrd’s adventures: This channel focuses on self-hosting and sysadmin topics, covering subjects such as virtualization, Raspberry Pi, electronics, 3D printing, and network infrastructure.
  6. Computerphile: Here you can find videos to relax and satisfy your curiosity. It also has a sister channel, Numberphile, which might appeal to those who are passionate about numbers and mathematics.
  7. 3Blue1Brown: This is Grant Sanderson’s channel, where videos are produced exploring a wide range of mathematical topics and related fields such as physics, all with a particular focus on visualizing fundamental ideas. The primary goal is to make complex concepts accessible by using animation to clarify otherwise challenging topics and provide an innovative perspective on solving difficult problems.
  8. ByteByteGo: Topics and trends in large-scale system design from the authors of the ‘System Design Interview’ book series, Alex Xu and Sahn Lam.
  9. We conclude this selection with two Italian-language channels. The first is by Prof. Andrea Pollini, a university professor of Computer and Telecommunications System Design Technologies. With a very straightforward style, he covers a wide range of topics, presenting projects and tutorials in various programming languages.
  10. DevelopersLife: Tips for those entering the world of software development. Discussions cover developers’ lives and work, education, careers, and how to improve. They often host live Q&A sessions with guests.

And what channels do you follow? Recommend some by writing to our editorial team!