Our headquarters are a few kilometres north of Florence, in a very convenient location:

  • two motorways (A1, A11) just one kilometre away

  • a mall just one kilometre away

  • a multiplex just one kilometre away

  • swimming pool and gym five kilometres away

Here are some of our staff's benefits:

Free access night and day 

By using a magnetic badge, our developers can get into the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the office gives the possibility to surf the net, read a magazine, play pinball, chat or watch a good film.

Meeting room with maxi-screen 

If you want to chill out for a couple of hours, our meeting room is equipped with a huge screen and an excellent stereo system. Propose your movie!

Food and drinks 

Water, coffee, tea, pop corns... and apples do not go amiss here! And if you want anything else, you only have to add it to the “wishlist” in our wiki.

Lunch and dinner conventions 

...and not with an average restaurant, but with Tuttobene in Campi Bisenzio, always at the top of the Gambero Rosso.' s rankings. At affordable prices, “tre tazzine” and “tre chicchi” quality for you!

Reading list

Our library ranges from “The Art of Computer Programming” to Dilbert.'s collection. Obviously, staff can borrow any book. And we want to expand our library: we also have a “reading wishlist”, updated through Italian and foreign on-line libraries. Have a look here!